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Welcome to the Baxterium, an online resource dedicated to award-winning British science fiction author Stephen Baxter. The Baxterium is home to information about Stephen and his writing, samples of his fiction and non-fiction, and links to other science fiction resources. The Baxterium is a fan-administered site run with the permission of Stephen Baxter. His official (and more regularly updated) site is www.stephen-baxter.com. The Baxterium is hosted and maintained by Simon Bradshaw. All material on this site is copyright © Stephen Baxter, Simon Bradshaw, or the author or artist attributed. Updates [28th February 2007] Stephen Baxter now has an official wesbite at www.stephen-baxter.com. The Baxterium will continue to be hosted for the time being as a fan-run website, but it will not be frequently updated. Please see www.stephen-baxter.com for current information on Stephen Baxter and his works, and for information on contacting him. Simon Bradshaw would like to thank Stephen Baxter for his help and support regarding the Baxterium since 1999. [7th February 2006] New Articles added. News Update: Stephen Baxter will be appearing on the programme at Concussion, the 2006 Eastercon in Glasgow (14th to 17th April) [4th February 2006] Long-version bibliography updated. [3rd January 2006] Baxterium re-hosted and links reviewed.